Our Dear Clients Say

We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Omo Ologo @WumiTuase

So impressed with @Thelmacleans_ job. They came early and everything was done perfectly. The staff was pleasant too.

Adadiora'nma @_daisy_e

The work that @Thelmacleans_ just finished doing here. Nothing short of actual excellence. Thank you @okonjithelma. Once every 3 months, I think I would have @Thelmacleans_ come give the house a deep clean. They do such amazing work.

Dums @Dumebi__

You need my girl @okonjithelma of @Thelmacleans_ to handle your fumigation needs. I’ll definitely refund you if you have a nasty experience.

Mel Mogul, Melodia International @Melodia_ng

Thelma @okonjithelma @Thelmacleans_ was in charge of our cleaning for the new store. You NEED her.

Olowo @justOlowo

Shout to @Thelmacleans_ for having my house looking lit.

Ozymandias @faux_Ikay

So @Thelmacleans_ came through for my Mom’s school and got rid of some nasty pests. You guys should patronize them for fumigation or cleaning of your homes and offices.

Queen of Pots @adyvafoods

@okonjithelma_ and her boys sabi! Cleaned my new place and it’s sparkling. I can’t recognize my own house. Cleaned everywhere, even ceiling. @Thelmacleans_ Thank you oh. See you in 3 months.

Shutter King @weezy_scott

So Twitter hooked me up with @Thelmacleans_ to clean my apartment and I got value for my money. Money well spent! Thanks much.

Ummu chop life @Rafiiiiiiiiy

New year, new house. Can’t afford that? Make your house sparkling clean with @Thelmacleans_ to usher in the new year. They won’t disappoint.

Sugar Boy @eamonami

Saw your work with Cummins. You’re doing great @Thelmacleans_.

Birdie @Topfayz

Girl! I even streamlined it again this month. That my woman now does only laundry. @Thelmacleans_ takes care of housecleaning now. So I don’t have to stress about coordinating anything.

Arit Okpo @menoword

So I had the incredible team from @Thelmacleans_ at my house this weekend and I was very impressed. They fumigated and cleaned. Her team took their time without dragging and made sure they cleaned every corner of my house. Very professional too. Thank you for an awesome job!!!

Oyindamola_S @Oyindamolar

You guys!!!! The rat has died oo. Help me rejoice and thank @OkonjiThelma for me. She’s your plug for your pests, cleaning and fumigation problems.

#NowThatYouREInHR @Marrgarritah

Came home to a clean apartment and well-laid bed, thanks to @Thelmacleans_. They even helped with arranging my books. The subscription service is perfect for me tbh.

Ada Igwe @ChidinmaJp

Please book me. My brother said your team was fantastic. Thank you.

Temi @liltem_

@Thelmacleans_ Thank you so much for my apartment. I’m very sure it has never been this clean. Special thanks to the guy you sent, he was amazing.

Isioma Osaje @MsJazzyfied

Every time I come home after @Thelmacleans_ has cleaned my place, I feel like I have zero worries in this life. I can’t say enough how therapeutic clean spaces are for my mental health. Thank you @okonjithelma! 100% as always!

MEDUSA @Vichofu_

Got home and saw the magic @Thelmacleans_ performed in my apartment. Top-notch cleaning. They actually cleaned my kitchen, the cabinets, and even inside my fridge. The kitchen so clean, I don’t even feel like cooking in it.

A Spec And A Half @ms_reniy

Thanks @Thelmacleans_!I was super glad to come back to a clean house. You guys were 100% as usual. Eshay pupo.

MARIA @mariarotilu

@Thelmacleans_ by @okonjithelma best cleaning service i have used handsdown. Thorough and consistent. I haven’t stopped the company ever since i started.

ROCKABAM411 @Euphoria9ja

I like how @okonjithelma never disappoints clients. Well done, babe. May @Thelmacleans_ keep growing and making progress. I’m very proud of you.

DAMI DAZZLE @dami_arian

Finally all the accolades goes to @Thelmacleans_ for always making apartment look brand new every week. I know I stress her a lot because I have a particular way of doing things, but she never gets tired of satisfying me. Pleasant and soft spoken. Service is above par.

The Crazy Smurf @TheToluAdeyi

Thank you for a job well done @Thelmacleans1

Rita C. Onwurah

Shout out to @Thelmacleans1 for a job well done. Cleans up an occupied apartment so good that I almost didnt recorgnise the place when i got there.